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Taking care of pets is not just what we do, it’s what we love and are passionate about. If you feel you’re the right fit for our team, please consider applying below.

Opportunity for Full-Time Veterinarian

Animal Options Vet Clinic and Wet Noses Mobile Vet are looking for a Full-time vet to join our mobile practice.

Do you want to go to work and feel like you can go home with a sense of achievement? Do you want to have a purpose and feel like you are changing your clients & patients’ life?

Unfortunately, in many vet clinics, the reality may look like this:

  • Working in fast pace practice consulting 10-20 patients a day.

  • Managing your clients expectations of paying little or no money for high standards of care.

  • Wrangling dogs, scruffing cats, getting nervous and stressed when your patient doesn’t cooperate.

  • Performing multiple surgeries and dentals in one day with minimal time for planning.

  • Handling walk-ins with minimal consideration of your workload.

  • Having to attend to multiple patients at a time, getting distracted numerous times.

  • Eating when you can and typing your histories while you eat your lunch.

  • Having nurses interrupting your work and answering the phones because everyone is too busy to do it.

  • Cleaning cages because someone simply didn’t do it.

  • Working with a fragmented and disrupted team where no one is accountable or happy to just be there.

You would be forgiven for wondering what is wrong with the vet industry and maybe even be questioning why you entered this profession in the first place.

The good news is that not every practice is the same, not every team is broken and not every client is complicated. There is hope and we are working on it right now.

We have a great team of vet nurses, receptionists, vets and a practice manager that are passionate about patient & client care and we are working on an innovative vet business model: Mobile Vet alongside a Clinic, this is where we integrate Wet Noses Mobile Vet with Animal Options Vet Clinic.

You may have heard the old myth that working as a mobile vet can be messy and difficult. At Animal Options Vet Clinic and Wet Noses Mobile Vet, we would love to give you an opportunity to have a much better experience as a clinician and better interaction with clients. This is because when you work in our mobile clinic:

  • You only see 6-8 patients a day, so not many notes to write up.

  • You have a dedicated nurse working alongside you to assist with restraining animals, driving the van whilst you write up your notes and whatever else you need.

  • The clients are much less stressed, they offer you a coffee, a glass of water, they set up a table for you. They always make you feel welcome, which is usually the other way around in a vet clinic. Remember, you are the guest in their home.

  • Clients are informed of the costs up front and aware that a convenient service is more expensive, so minimal surprises or frustrations during the visit.

  • The pets are so well behaved. It is amazing how cooperative they are at home and how much you can do in a visit.

  • You can actually see where your patient lives, their surroundings or that bag of food clients never know the name of. You have the opportunity to see first hand the litter tray, sleeping area and garden plants that may be causing issues rather than relying on a description from the owner.

  • The appt list is well organised, no walk-ins, no clients calling you, there are minimal interruptions so you can focus on the clients and their pets.

  • The receptionists are very well trained and will keep everything in check, meaning you can be more organised and know what your day will look like in advance.

  • You always have the help of your home base clinic with all the whistles, technology, staff, everything you need. This gives you the option to transfer your patient to the hospital for observation if needed and the clinic staff can look after them while you continue on with your day.

From client to client you will be driving through beautiful scenery on the Gold Coast, from the coast to the bush, there is always a great coffee shop where you can stop for your lunch (which will be allocated on your appt list so you can eat in peace).

All of the above comes with all the usual perks that everyone offers but isn’t always enough: good pay, Vin membership, CPD allowance, etc. But the most important thing is the team, our team is the best and every staff member will show you how awesome it is to work here!

On top of all of that we are flexible, with your time, with your roster, with your appt list, with how you want to handle your day and even with what’s your special interest. If you want some time in the clinic to do surgeries, dentals, consults, X-rays etc then we can arrange that.  At Animal Options Vet Clinic and Wet Noses Mobile Vet we work to our strengths and we focus on what brings us joy and purpose.

Ready to give it a go? Come and see what we are doing.

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you then please email our Practice Manager Jody at for more information. Alternatively you can call 07 5546 5756 for more information and an informal chat.

Opportunity for Locum Veterinarian

Animal Options Vet Clinic and Wet Noses Mobile Vet are looking for a locum to join our team for the following dates:


  • Wednesday 9th – Saturday 12th June (inclusive) 
  • Thursday 15th – Friday 16th July.


Option to convert to a permanent contract for the right applicant.


This is an amazing opportunity for an experienced Vet with a strong focus on consulting and interacting with clients.


  • Are you a vet looking to further your career working alongside a great team?
  • Do you have strong consulting skills and would like to have the support of a good surgery team?
  • Do you want the support of highly talented nurses and receptionists in a happy work environment?
  • Do you care about your mental health and would you like to have a work-life balance that allows you to grow your skills?

Who are we?


  • We are an independent progressive vet clinic located in Ormeau – Gold Coast Corridor, that offers home visits as well as a great infrastructure with a bricks and mortar clinic.
  • We run two businesses, Animal Options Vet Clinic and Wet Noses Mobile Vet.
  • We bring the most professional and comprehensive veterinary service into peoples’ homes.
  • Our services are delivered via our world-class, fully equipped mobile Veterinary vehicles as well as a fully functional and operational bricks and mortar clinic with a team of nurses and receptionists to support you every step of the way.
  • Enhancing this service is market leading, cloud based veterinary software and best practice systems, processes and procedures. 
  • The Veterinary team is backed by fully qualified Vet Nurses, Reception staff, a Practice Manager, and Veterinarians enabling you to focus entirely on providing exceptional service delivery and animal care.
  • We also have all the equipment that befits a state of the art hospital such as Dental Equipment, X-ray, Ultrasound, in-house Idexx blood machines, Multiparameter monitor, a Dedicated Surgery Theatre, BairHugger etc.


The practice is located in Ormeau, only a 30min drive from Gold Coast City or Brisbane, with easy access to the M1 either North or Southbound.

We live and work by our core values every day to provide our clients and their pets the best experience in a vet practice. Our clients are progressive thinking and highly engaged, open minded and dedicated. Most clients have insurance and want to provide the best possible care to their pets that they can.

Now, we know that working day in, day out in a vet practice can be challenging, exhausting and sometimes stressful. This is why we believe that a light, fun, reliable, and accountable environment where people communicate openly and directly is paramount to sustain a healthy work atmosphere. We are fortunate enough to have such an environment which allows us to care for our clients, pets, staff members and ourselves in the best possible way. We would love to find another like-minded individual to join our team.

What we believe


  • All our clients deserve the time to be heard and vets deserve to not be rushed when examining a pet, so strong communication skills are essential to build a long-lasting vet-client relationship.
  • That trust and a safe environment that allows team members to speak freely and give each other feedback in a positive and constructive way is a strong aspect of our culture.
  • Emotional intelligence is as important as technical skills, so we foster an environment to develop your abilities to connect with your team members and communicate clearly with your clients.
  • We understand that every person has their distinct personality and different goals in life, so we allow you to grow your skills based on your strengths.


Who are you?


  • You are an experienced vet looking for locum work (can be extended to full-time work. for the right applicant)
  • You have strong consulting skills and attention to detail
  • You are an enthusiastic communicator – sharing your findings and discussing treatment options with the team and the pet owners is your focus.
  • You love interactions with people and are willing to give and receive feedback.
  • You believe that teamwork is the key to everyone’s success.

The position:


  • You will have the have the flexibility to work in clinic with the support of our outstanding team to develop your internal medicine skills
  • If you feel the life of a clinic vet isn’t for you and would like a change, then you will also have the flexibility opportunity to work with an experienced Vet Nurse to share the duties of a mobile vet, performing house calls with the support of a fully equipped van with everything you need, where you will be able to see pets and their families in their own environment, bringing you a different perspective and understanding of your patient needs
  • You will be given the opportunity to focus on consulting and interacting with clients


What we offer


  • A great loyal team of nurses, reception and management staff that will look after you and your patients.
  • A supportive and friendly leader that will listen to you and give you room to grow your skills.
  • A calm and receptive working environment, cake on your birthday, a break when you need it and attention when you request. We aren’t a fast-paced, multi-tasking, back-to-back consultation practice.
  • We value quality over quantity.
  • An opportunity to develop and grow an area of your interest.
  • NO after hours, everything happens between 8am and 6pm Mon-Sat.
  • CPD allowance and access to VIN
  • Paid annual leave
  • Generous remuneration based on experience and willingness to learn and develop the practice.


If you think this sounds like the kind of practice you would love to be a part of then please send your resume to

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Wet Noses is a Gold Coast based Mobile Vet service delivering exceptional veterinary care in the comfort of the home. We give pets the attention they deserve.

At Wet Noses, we are always looking for people who share our passion and motivation for improving the lives of pets and their families. We recognise that genuine, animal focused, quality care requires the efforts of a whole team. We would love to meet others keen to work with or alongside us.

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